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Made from Recycled Materials

Our handwoven outdoor textiles are made of recycled plastic bottles and are UV stabilized for superior protection against the outdoor elements. To make the PET yarns, plastic bottles are being collected in India from all over the world. The bottles are broken down into flakes, processed, and dyed to create different colored yarns. On average, 12 1L bottles are used to create each pillow. See our blog to learn more about this process.
Pillows, throws, rugs, and picnic blankets are handloomed by artisans in India using techniques passed down through generations, adding a crafted quality to each piece.


All of our papier-mâche items are crafted from recycled and repurposed papers. These products are created using a traditional pulp method and then hand sculpted before being left to dry naturally. The combination of recycled materials and handcrafted processes create beautiful and unique items with an artisanal quality. Using papier-mâche products is a great way to contribute to sustainability efforts with the use of an eco-friendly process to create biodegradable items.