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Indoor/Outdoor Textiles | What You Need to Know

Life happens, family happens, mess happens. But why sacrifice comfort or design in the home? We tested a variety of our throw pillows and rugs and recreated these inevitable scenarios. Throw pillows handwoven, printed and rugs. We were impressed by the results!
Remi indoor-outdoor rug Foreside home & Garden
We walked with muddy shoes, paws, on our rugs, played with our pillows (we know this is a big one for anyone with kids), spilled red wine, food and juice. Mud, food, juice all washes out quite easily with no added stain treatment. Each was washed with a water hose on a high powered spray setting and hung to dry.
Sage lumbar throw pillow blue Foreside Home & Garden
The biggest culprit was the red wine. However, most of the wine washed away with the hose! We did add a simple spray stain treatment to fully remove the red wine stain. Below is shortly after doing the additional stain treatment (we used Miss Mouth's Messy Eater) with the cover removed. There was no wine stain on the insert and it was virtually gone from the cover!
Sage lumbar throw pillow cover removed Foreside Home & Garden
Watch the video below to see how we took care of life's everyday messes on our indoor/outdoor textiles:
Also, did we mention? These pieces get bonus points for being made from recycled materials! Our indoor/outdoor textiles are made from recycled plastic bottles, which offers some natural liquid repellency, they are UV stabilized and treated for color fastness. Read more about how these recycled textiles are made in our blog post.
Enjoy the outdoors and relax with easy clean.