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Photo Frames: A Must-Have for Retail Stores

In the ever-evolving landscape of home decor trends, one item stands out as a timeless classic: the photo frame. As we delve into 2024, it's evident that photo frames are not just a staple but a flourishing trend, with a remarkable surge in interest according to trend resource, WGSN.

4X6 LYRA PHOTO FRAME Foreside Home & Garden

According to WGSN's recent Buyers' Briefing, there has been an astounding 50% year-over-year increase in global Google searches for "tabletop picture frame." This surge in interest speaks volumes about the enduring appeal of photo frames in home decor. Picture frames have transcended mere functional items; they have become cherished keepsakes, imbued with memories and nostalgia.

WGSN highlights the allure of "Statement frames," emphasizing their affordability and sentimental value. Consumers are not just looking for a means to display their photographs; they are seeking bold and unique frames that serve as decorative accents in their living spaces.

4X6 BUOY PHOTO FRAME BLUE Foreside Home & Garden

Retail home decor stores and boutiques can capitalize by curating and offering a diverse range of photo frames that cater to varying tastes and moments. From minimalist designs to ornate, embellished frames and sentiment frames with phrases that speak to a specific person or moment. There's ample opportunity to offer something for everyone and the price points are affordable.

Foreside photo frames Mom and Grandma sentiment frames

Notably, there's been a shift towards smaller frame sizes. With a growing interest in analogue photography and the resurgence of instant and disposable film, compact frames are in high demand. Additionally, the prevalence of smartphone photography underscores the importance of offering frames suited to standard 4x6 formats, catering to modern printing preferences. Courtney, our Product Manager of Foreside Home & Garden says, "it's no surprise then that our bestselling frame size is 4x6".

4X6 TURNER PHOTO FRAME Foreside home and garden

In conclusion, the resurgence of interest in photo frames presents an opportunity for retail home decor stores and boutiques. By aligning with consumer preferences for affordability, sentimentality, and versatility, retailers can tap into this thriving market and provide customers with the perfect means to showcase or gift their cherished memories.

Courtney, Product Manager of Foreside, is excited about this trend surge. "We provide a variety of exclusively designed, unique and price point conscious photo frames for retailers. Our frames continue to be a top selling category for us with a high rate of sell-through."

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