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Gift Store Retailers Should Have a Nursery Section

Incorporating a nursery section into home decor and gift stores is a strategic move that can attract a broader customer base and boost sales. Here’s why retailers should consider this addition and how vintage-inspired nursery trends can enhance the appeal.

french country nursery decor, Foreside Home & Garden

Expanding Customer Base

Parents and grandparents are a significant segment of the market, often looking for unique and high-quality items to create the perfect nursery. By offering a dedicated section for nursery decor, retailers can draw in these customers, providing them with a convenient one-stop-shop experience. This not only increases foot traffic but also encourages repeat visits as parents continue to update and refresh their nursery spaces.

Increasing Average Sales

Nursery items can range from small decorative pieces to larger furniture, offering a variety of price points that can increase the average transaction value. Items such as crib sheets, wall art, mirrors, decorative accents and plush toys can be easily complemented with more significant purchases like cribs and rocking chairs. This diverse product range can lead to higher overall sales.

Emery scallop photo frame, Foreside Home and Garden

Capitalizing on Trends: Vintage-Inspired Nurseries

One of the most charming trends in nursery decor is the vintage-inspired look. On Pinterest, searches for "french country nursery" and "vintage boy nursery" have increased by 200% in the last year. Searches for "vintage nursery" have increased by 40% over last year. These styles combine nostalgic elements with modern functionality, creating a cozy and timeless atmosphere for little ones. Here are some key aspects of this trend that retailers can incorporate:

vintage nursery decor, Foreside Home & Garden

Antique Furniture: Incorporating pieces like vintage cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs adds a touch of elegance and history to the nursery. These also can make great merchandising pieces.

Muted Color Palettes: Soft pastels, whites, and earth tones dominate vintage nursery decor. These calming colors create a serene environment perfect for both babies and parents.



coutnry french wall flowers, wall decor

Classic Patterns: Floral prints, gingham, and stripes are popular in vintage-inspired nurseries. These patterns can be found on throw pillows, blankets and towels. Our Bea Muslin collection is made from soft, lightweight fabric with a subtle dot pattern and tiny tassels.



baby muslin nursery throw blanket, brown on stool

Handcrafted Items: Handcrafted decor like photo frames, figures, wall decor, baskets, and pillows, offer a personal and unique element to the nursery. We especially love small sized baskets. They can be used for gift giving and then they serve as great changing station storage.



copal gift baskets, natural woven with pom poms, white, stacked

    Enhancing Brand Image

    Adding a nursery section to home decor and gift stores not only attracts a new customer segment but also increases sales and enhances the store's brand image. By embracing vintage-inspired nursery trends, retailers can offer unique and appealing products that resonate with today’s parents, making their stores a delightful destination for all home and gifting needs.