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Gift Basket Trends: House Warming, Girly Baskets

The trend of gift giving baskets filled with oodles of goodies has seen no signs of slowing down. Maybe it's the versatility baskets offer? Anyone can use an extra basket for storage, decor or even to re-gift. Maybe it's the versatility of what can be gifted within the basket? Maybe it's both?

Today we will highlight two specific gift baskets that are upward trending on Pinterest - girly gift baskets and house warming gift baskets. We are also going review how these gift baskets might work for different retail stores and how a retailer might work this concept into their offering.

Girly gift basket ideas, Foreside Home & Garden Blog

Extra Inventory:

Girly gift baskets is exactly what it sounds like. All things pretty, usually pink, fragrant, and anything that promotes self care. If you carry beauty and bath items like skin care, makeup, candles, bath bombs, or accessories like cozy throws, slippers and cute towels - this could be an easy basket for your store!

Using the girly basket as an example, create a display of overstocked beauty items you need to move with other lower price point cash grabs. Add a few premium items to the display like water tumblers, throw blankets, scented candles or candle accessories. Put out a selection of baskets or utilize some cute kraft paper boxes.

How it works:

  • Choose wether you want to charge per item or offer a value by setting the total price as a bundle. You could also offer the premium items as an "upgrade".
  • Customers choose their own basket or box. You could also charge an additional cost for a premium basket vs a bag or paper box.
  • Optional: provide shred or tissue for a base for the baskets or boxes
  • They personalize their bundle by adding items of their choosing.

This could be done as an in-store event or as a promotional deal. "Bundle and save" or "Girls Night Out" so to speak. And it can help rid you of that extra inventory you've been looking to move.


House warming gift basket ideas, Foreside Home & Garden Blog

In-Store Event:

House warming gift baskets seem to be a bit more broad. They're are themes that are focused on kitchen items like cutting boards, towels and specialty spices and dips. And they're are others that are home decor focused; think photo frames, throw blankets, trinket dishes or even a small bud vase. Then you have the more practical approach; cute cleaning supplies like Ms. Meyers paired with aesthetically pleasing dish brushes and towels.

Hosting in-store events is a great way to get new customers into the store. Most people shopping at events like these bring a friend. Look at word of mouth marketing! 

Let's use the house warming basket as an example, we're approaching the gifting season. Because of the broadness of house warming baskets, you could literally gift them for any occasion - Christmas, hostess gift etc.

  • Post your event with a ticket sale (unless you have endless inventory, you might want to control the crowd).
  • Each ticket purchase could include exclusive alone time in the store or a party-like atmosphere with a small group or an entire crowd, if you're up for it.
  • Set the table with gift basket options and select home decor items. Each customer can then "build a basket" by selecting from different groupings of items before them.
  • Offer another personal touch by providing ribbon or gift tags so each can be customized.
    If you don't want to go the 'build-a-basket' route. Put some baskets together yourself and offer them as raffle or door prizes during your event. Include flyers, tags or other items with your branding. This makes for a great social media post, you can promote the gift basket prize on social and then create a follow up post drawing the winner or the winner receiving.