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Summer 2023 Designer Picks

In a world filled with mass-produced home decor, Foreside Home & Garden stands out by offering a curated selection of genuinely unique items. Our passion for design and our commitment to exceptional quality are evident in every piece, making your space a haven of individuality and style. Whether you prefer modern aesthetics, rustic charm, or eclectic accents, our new collection has something to suit your personal taste and bring your decor to new heights.
One of the most exciting aspects of Foreside Home & Garden's latest collection is the inclusion of never-before-seen items. These pieces are the result of tireless efforts by our talented designers who have pushed the boundaries of creativity to bring you something truly extraordinary! As you explore our new collection, prepare to be amazed by the innovative concepts, intricate details, and impeccable craftsmanship that make these items truly stand out.
See what our designers are recommending for the rest of 2023!